Musical beds, the final installment

IT WORKED!!!!!   (And the angels in heaven sing praises)

Last night Little Man fell asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed. That means he was asleep at 8PM. This morning… are you ready for this? He woke up at the usual 5AM, cried in protest that he was in bed for, oh, about 20 seconds, and promptly fell back asleep, knowing that it was too early to get up. At 5:20 Bean cried in her sleep (because that’s what Bean does) – something about “No! I want that cookie!” – really frightening stuff. Anyhow, I crept into the room to calm her, and noticed that Little Man slept through the whole ordeal.

It’s now 6:20. The night light went off 20 minutes ago, meaning that they’re now allowed to get up and roam about the aircraft liberate themselves from their room. And my kids are still asleep in their beds! Both of them!  I’ll give it a few days to sink in with them, and then the night light is being re-programmed for a more ‘humane’ time.


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