Musical beds, part 1

When the in-laws came, my mother-in-law agreed to sleep in Bean’s room. Bean was waking up sometimes 6 or 7 times a night with nightmares, and it’s worked out well. Father-in-law had his own room (our guest room), and Bean only wakes up occasionally at night.

But now that Little Man doesn’t have a binky, he wakes up around 5:30 in the morning. Screaming. If someone comes into his room, he’ll often go back to sleep for another half hour or so. So we figured… We need his room for the nursery soon anyway. Why not put him and his sister in the same room?

So we made the switch on Sunday. That night Bean taught Little Man that he can actually get up out of his big boy bed. And so he did. And he learned to open the door. And the two of them played for 2 1/2 hours before finally falling asleep. There was much fighting, much crying in the meantime as hubby and I went into their room and coerced them into their beds. I hoped that after such a late night they’d both surprise me and sleep in.  Unfortunately Little Man still woke up before 6AM. And he got out of bed and tried to wake big sister. (**the little stinker!**) She stayed asleep anyway until almost 7.

Today I remembered something I read in a Parenting magazine ages ago. It had to do with a night-light on a timer and a rule that when the night-light is on the kids stay in bed. We’re trying it tonight. So far, so good. They’ve been in bed for an hour, and though they’re still awake talking, they’re both in their beds. At first Bean was reminding Little Man that he needs to stay in bed when the light is on. Soon, Little Man was the commenting… “light on… in bed.” And they’re whispering. That alone is a miracle for my kids.

We’ll see what happens in the morning. I have a feeling Little Man will forget about the rule between now and then. But wouldn’t it be nice if he wakes up, reminisces about his pleasant evening of conversation, and chooses not only to let his sister sleep, but also obey the rules and stay in bed until… can it be? 7 AM!   (That’s when the timer is set to turn the light off.)


3 thoughts on “Musical beds, part 1

  1. I’ve done the 1st-number thing too, but with both my girls, until they got old enough, wouldn’t sleep in no matter how late they stayed up.

    If I wanted them to catch up on sleep I had to work at naps or going down earlier. They simply didn’t know how to “feel” and take care of their tired feeling.

    My oldest “got” it at about age 4 (I’m still tired! I don’t want to get up!) and my 3 1/2 y-o is almost (occasionally) there.


  2. The boys I used to nanny for both had clocks in their rooms and they knew the number 7 and they were told they weren’t allowed to get out of their beds until the number 7 was the FIRST number on the clock. I thought that was a good idea but I think I like your night light idea!

    Good luck. We’ll be doing this soon too!


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