We want YOU!

Wanna know who I just got off the phone with? The county commissioner. He’s also the local head of the John McCain campaign. And guess what – they called me to ask if I’d volunteer! Apparently big brother really IS watching. To be fair, I registered on McCain’s website as a supporter, so in their plea to round up volunteers they called me. Me! (I feel so loved!)

I might actually be volunteering with the campaign sometime between now and Super Tuesday, and I hope they’re smart enough not to put me on the phone. Because the reasons I support the man have more to do with gut feeling and “I read something once somewhere that really convinced me” than with any strong arguments or the ability to have an intelligent conversation about it.

So it kind of boils down to a few things for me. His life story speaks for itself – he’s shown more dedication to this country than any candidate in recent history (except, perhaps, Colin Powell when he ran a few elections ago). He and his family have been willing to give all for this nation for generations. He also has the political experience, respect, and connections to be the leader of the free world. And he has a strong record of defending what’s right – even if it isn’t popular, or if the big money industries don’t agree. In fact, that may be why his campaign has had a harder time with finances. Unlike some other presidential candidates, McCain doesn’t court big industry or sell his vote for the sake of popularity or money. He has integrity. And balance too. He recognizes the importance of environmental concerns, but makes decisions with a great deal of wisdom, balancing all sides of the issue. And you know what else? He’s not afraid to break the status quo. He’s come up with some pretty inventive solution, even if it meant challenging ‘the way things have always been done.’

Well, that’s enough for my political soap box. I’ll cry if McCain doesn’t win the nomination. Really. I was devastated when he dropped out of the election 8 years ago, I don’t know if I can handle it again. Well, I’d probably recover. But I would be bitter about it for the next, oh, 8-12 years.

I suppose the point of this is to be an informed voter. Know who the candidates are and have reasons for your vote. And, well, this should go without saying, but do actually get out and vote. You’re welcome to comment about my political soap box, but beware that since this is my blog, I have every right to delete any comment that doesn’t wax lyrical about my political hero. 😉


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