One more reason to love Georgia

It snowed today. And it stuck. I don’t think I’ve seen that much snow since we moved here 4 years ago. In fact, it accumulated! There must have been 2 inches in the front yard. It was enough to build a snowman, but the really great part is that it only accumulated on the grass and bushes – the sidewalks, roads, and driveways stayed perfectly clear.

So, no snow to shovel. But plenty to build a snowman. And have our first snowball fight. (Bean loves it, Little Man hates it.) And, since we’re in Georgia, the whole darn city shuts down. That’s right. We even got an email today saying that church has been canceled due to ‘inclement weather.’ Do you know what that means? If the snow stays until tomorrow we have the perfect excuse to repair our decapitated snowman (don’t ask) and have another snowball fight!

Note: church will re-open tomorrow afternoon and there will be an evening service. So, I’m not celebrating that I get to ‘skip out’ on church – we’ll go in the evening. But it’s great to be in a place where snow brings the world to a crashing halt because everyone’s too busy reveling in the fun of it to be bothered with doing anything remotely productive.


2 thoughts on “One more reason to love Georgia

  1. It’s amazing the cultural differences across the miles in our own country.

    Thursday morning my town woke to an (equally unusual) “8 to 10 [inches]” that came since the previous afternoon.

    And life just continued as usual.

    Or it could have. My husband came back in from shoveling to get his car out and said he was going to stay home for the day to play, and I got all the kids into their gear before 9a.m. and we played and went for a walk with the sled.

    Jay didn’t join us till all the shoveling was done (he didn’t stay home to skip that job) and we saw lots of tracks already made and a school bus making its own through snow that my youngest two couldn’t even walk in.

    Interesting times, even in Alaska, except here the default is “we keep going.”

    Makes for some good stories šŸ˜‰


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