Disappointment looming

In less than 3 months we’ll be bringing home a baby boy. Bean knows what’s going on (sort of). She knows that there’s a baby growing in my belly. And that it’s her new baby brother.

But she announced to us last night that she wants a baby sister. And her name should be Rosie. (As in, the same as Calliou’s little sister from PBS Kids).  I’m not sure if that means she wants to bring home a cartoon character or if she’d rather turn her new baby brother into a sister (because, hey! she’s already got one brother – why would she need a second?). Regardless, I don’t think she’s going to be thrilled with having a second baby boy around. Especially when we break the news that we won’t name him Rosie or Brattress.


One thought on “Disappointment looming

  1. Maybe for her sake you should just go with the name she picked.. it will make her feel so special! Brattress Rosie! I think it sounds very nice! 😉

    I think she’ll love that little baby no matter what it is as soon as she sees it. If not, ask if you can trade him in at the hospital!

    I’m not helping, am I?



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