I’ve officially entered the world of the working mom. I started my own company about a year ago, and for the first year it was a very part-time thing I did from home. Really, it was more of a hobby that I did while the kids were napping.

But in the last month business has picked up significantly. I’m out of the house a lot more. And with my in-laws here, they’ve taken on more of a ‘nanny’ role while I’m at work. My office is still in my home, but the nature of the business has me out visiting clients, training employees, and just generally being away from my desk.

It came to me as a sad revelation this week. My days as a stay at home mom are numbered. In fact, looking at my schedule for the week, I’ve been able to keep one morning open to spend with my kids. That’s all – just one half-day. And I’m going to cherish that day like none other.

I wasn’t ready to become a working mom. I really wasn’t ready to turn my kids over to someone else’s care. The good news is that I have the best of both worlds in a way. The people who care for my kids are family. The grandparents. And sure, I have differences with them in child-rearing, but it’s free, and I know exactly who they’ll be with and what they’ll be doing and eating each day. Also, I can build my schedule so that I can have breakfast and/or lunch with my kids most days, and sometimes even be around to put them down for their naps, read them stories, or be the first face they see when they wake up from naps. I’m also home in time to make them a healthy dinner without being too rushed, and just generally make time for them.

Looking at it with some perspective, I know that I kind of have it all. But that doesn’t keep me from bemoaning the fact that I’m not really a stay at home mom anymore. I have a better perspective on what working moms do every day, and I honestly don’t know how those of you who work outside the home for a real boss do it.  It’s hard enough for me to sacrifice bits of time with my kids, even with all those other things in my favor. But if I had to do it 9 to 5 every day, I really think I’d jump off a bridge.  Working moms, I salute you. I’m just not ready to join your ranks.


4 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Oh, you make me laugh. Not this particular post but the previous ones. I miss you. Sophia is so funny! I will have you know we are really struggling with Sara Kate right now. She is crying every day that she wants to go back to GA. She said tonight that Houston is disgusting. And I quite agree, but there is nothing I can do. We are coming up the entire month of July, so don’t go anywhere. And I am so upset that I cannot see your protruding belly. Talk to you soon. SO glad the business is picking up. YIPPEEE!


  2. I hear you Kathy! Do you think though, that maybe this hard work will be concentrated on getting the business going, and that soon, you can pay one of the staff a special rate for training others? And you can get someone whom you trust to help with the onsite estimates?

    I’m not talking about delegating everything – but maybe it can get you back to one day a week that you spend “in the field” and the rest are office days. For example – I wouldn’t do “field” days on Mondays or Fridays because of the helacious traffic in this dear city of ours…

    Anyway. I’m just so impressed with your company, and the careful attention to detail you’ve put into it. I think if balance is important to you, you’ll find it. You may have to make some potential customers wait a week. I think your family is impressed as well – but it may take them some time to realize it…


  3. It’s very difficult transitioning from stay-at-home to working mommy. I’ve done it each August for the past two years, and so far it’s been a shock to the system each year. While I love teaching and interacting with my students, I race out of the building at the end of each day! What I can tell you is that I spend much more quality time with my daughter during the school year than I do during the summer because I appreciate our time together when I have less of it.
    I think owning your own business is an excellent oportunity for you, and I’m excited to see that things are doing well!


  4. i so understand! even though my kids are in school only 3 days a week, i work 2 of those days. i never get to attend their events, etc! i love part-time, but even that can be hard!

    i know you will just love ’em extra hard when you are with them!


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