A place for everything…

… and everything in it’s place. Well, not at my house. At least not right now. I got a swift reminder from Bean today with:

“Mama, is the vacuum cleaner a decoration?”

Hmmm… if only I could get away with that… “Why yes, that’s taken the place of my antique Oriental vases (note: must be pronounced ‘vaaahzes’ for proper impact). Vases are so cliche. Pottery Barn now carries these lovely vacuums to adorn your formal living room. And have you seen their simulated clutter? Let me show you! Doesn’t it give the house an authentic, lived-in feel?”


2 thoughts on “A place for everything…

  1. you mean they aren’t supposed to be used to hang our clothes on?!

    and on the binkie note, thank you! thank you so much for not being one of those that let’s babies grow up to be 4-year olds who like to have conversations with you in public while the binkie hangs out the side of their mouth 🙂 it is not my pet peeve, or anything 😉


  2. I remember when that little hand vac “the Cone” or whatever it was came out in it’s 5 different colors. HA! I like to keep mine in the closet, especially since Dahlia is terrified of the thing and won’t even go in any room it might be sitting in.


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