We survived

For Little Man’s first night without the binky, I left others to put him to bed. That’s right – I skipped out. But the report was good – not a single tear, no crying. Just repeating over and over, “binky sick.” Aw.

He woke up twice crying in the night, but both times he settled himself. The third time was close to when he usually wakes up, and by then he’d obviously hit his limit. So I went into his r00m and tried valiantly – yet unsuccessfully – to get him to sleep past 6. So here we are now, with a slightly sleep-deprived little boy who’s come to terms with the fact that binky days are behind us. And though we’ve only been up for an hour, he hasn’t asked for it once.

He did, however, announce to his dad that he slept with Thomas and Percy (his new comfort objects – yes, the wooden ones, from the train table – not ‘comfy’ per se, but their presence apparently soothes him).  Well, to clarify, he’s been sleeping with them for a month now – from his 2nd birthday when he got the train table, he hasn’t gone to bed without a train in each hand. But I guess now that the binky is gone, the role of the trains has grown exponentially.


2 thoughts on “We survived

  1. Awww.. Good for you!

    We are also limited to pacifier to sleep only but Aaron gave in to her while I was recovering and she got it ALL DAY LONG! Gladly, we are back on track although she still talks about it all day long. I would have loved to have gotten rid of it a while ago but when I took it away she started putting her fingers in her mouth! Argh! Hopefully it keeps working out for you! My goal is to have the thing gone by age two as well! I kind of like your “binky sick” idea. You have to find something your kids can comprehend!


  2. A friend’s little boy when from sleeping with a binky to sleeping with a soccer ball, field cones, shin gaurds and kleets. I guess “comfort” is relative when you’re that age. ~ L


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