Binky wars

Little Man turned 2 a month ago. And over the summer we were very successful with binky limitations – binky stayed in the crib, and was only used for sleep. But then he got a big-boy bed and confining binky to sleeping quarters was no longer successful. It’s gotten to the point where he must have one in his mouth at all times, and one in his hand. For a while he needed 3 – one for the mouth and one for each hand.

I asked his preschool teacher today if he uses it there. I take it away from him in the car and put it in his preschool bag. She said it never leaves the bag. All day. Even when he gets sleepy – he goes to his mat, lies down all on his very own, and goes to sleep. Without it. Eureka! He doesn’t even need it to sleep!

So the wheels started turning. After I picked him up from preschool today, I came home and snipped the tips off all his binkies. Then I told him that his binkies all got old and sick (I’m sure there are a multitude of problems with that statement, but on the spur of the moment, it was the best I could muster). He can still have them if he wants though! (I said with a smile.) He cried. He cried “Binky sick!” And lied down in his bed and cried great big tears. And I let him cry. Then I went back and rocked him and sang to him. Now, his room is quiet. He’s not sleeping, but he’s also not mourning the binky epidemic. I keep hoping he’ll fall asleep.

While naptime will be manageable regardless, I’m not sure how tonight will go. I’m afraid I’ll have an urge around midnight to run to WalMart and pick up a lifetime supply of not-sick binkies. But maybe, if we can get through today and tonight binky-free, it’ll all start getting easier.

Watch out, binkies of the world. Mama’s on a mission.


2 thoughts on “Binky wars

  1. I hope tonight went smoothly. We discovered that Kailey no longer needed her paci the same way– the stinker wasn’t using it at daycare! Please stop by for a chat sometime; I feel like I haven’t seen you in months!


  2. Oh I remember the binky’s presence here only a year ago. We were at the inlaws and Carter was throwing his up in the air. Sounds a lot like Little Man. Anyway, he threw it behind the entertainment center and even though I had an ample supply, I saw the opportunity for what it was and told him they were all gone. He only asked for them once. Hopefully your success will be as easily achieved!


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