We’re home from our holiday travels. All 6 of us. Me and hubby. 2 kids. In-laws. Back in our cozy-yet-somewhat-cramped home. The holidays brought us great quality times together, a fair dose of conflict resolution, and plenty of happy memories.

Thankfully, the change of scenery and ridiculously warm temperatures in sunny Florida also brought refreshment and rejuvenation for everyone. Our cozy home doesn’t seem quite as cramped as it did before. Our times together seem more relaxed. Relationships come easier. And the kids are definitely bonding better with their grandparents. It’s a good time to be home. There’s something inherently cheerful about blue skies, shorts, and sunbathing in December. It penetrates deep and leaves a lasting warmth to carry you through the gray skies and rainy days of the rest of winter.


2 thoughts on “Refreshed

  1. So when is dessert night? I’m ready to bake, or to find another good dessert joint. Mostly ready for some good conversation. And dessert. Did I mention dessert?


  2. Glad you’re home and refreshed. We are now blessed to be enjoying that warmth of Florida all year long. When we got here three weeks ago, my 8 year old wailed, “Nothing will ever be normal again. It feels like summer all the time. How is THAT normal?!?” 🙂


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