Christmas tradition #74

This is one that I’m not proud of, but it’s my family, so what can I say?

It involves a Christmas tree, gasoline, and fireworks. You get the idea. The first few years my dad did it we stood outside with the burning tree. But after the frightened ducking, hiding behind bushes to avoid being struck, and someone inadvertently getting hit with fireworks, we’ve learned to stand inside the screened in enclosure.

And for some reason the grandparents don’t understand why I think this would frighten my 2-year old and 3-year old. Exhibit A: Cowering 6-year old daughter of grandpa’s work colleague, begging to go home.
This is one holiday tradition that I don’t think we’ll adopt.


One thought on “Christmas tradition #74

  1. Wow this sounds like something that can also get you arrested in the state of Illinois…but you’d have to ask Jason about that. Or Jeana. Well, not really Jeana, but maybe Aaron…



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