And it was… the longest day ever

See, the road trip from our house to my parents’ house takes about 7 hours, kid-free. 8 hours with kids. I was imagining 9 hours when you add in-laws to the mix. It took us 10 hours.  Ten. long. hours.
The worst of it – other than the 2 dead-stop-turtles-could-have-walked-faster traffic jams before we even left our own city – is the swollen preggo mommy feet. By the time we made our first stop my feet already wouldn’t fit into my shoes. And this morning, I had to borrow flip-flops (to wear in December) because that’s all that I could get my feet into.

But we’re done. At least for a few days. Then we’ll load everyone into the car and start over. I’m hoping we can do it the second time in under 9 hours.  Maybe, just maybe…


One thought on “And it was… the longest day ever

  1. Wow. I can’t imagine (because I’m trying really hard not to…)

    I hope the visit with your family is good though…and some of mom’s cooking. (Translated: some food that you didn’t have to plan, shop, purchase, drag home, unload, put away, get back out, realize you forgot something, repeat, cook, too tired to eat your own food kind of cooking)

    The best kind, if you ask me.


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