Take that!

Today Little Man’s preschool class had their Christmas party. We kind of missed the boat on sign-ups for what to bring, so I got stuck with a kids’ dessert. The plan was to buy a cute little pull-apart cupcake thing from the grocery store, until I found that it would cost me an arm and a leg. So then, I found an idea online for this:



It came out really well – tasted great and looked gorgeous. In fact, I only used as many cupcakes as there were kids in the class. In my experience, the most successful ‘kids’ dessert’ is cupcakes, and adults tend to stay away from them. But apparently mine were different – parents devoured them before even offering them to their kids. They were just that good. It wasn’t difficult – just cupcakes in the shape of a candy cane with M&Ms forming the stripes.


It was a big hit, but at one point I did hear another mom commenting, “sure, you can do things like that when it’s your only child. But those of us with more than one – heh! – we just buy our cakes at the supermarket. (rolling of the eyes) Must be a first time mom. She’ll learn one day that she doesn’t have to overdo it…” That was the point where I walked away and stopped listening. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I have 2 kids and I’m in my 2nd trimester with our 3rd. Or that I’ve spent the last 2 1/2 months carting my kids from doctor to doctor, wondering if they’d just let me rent space at the doctor’s office – it’d probably be cheaper than the co-pays, and at least I wouldn’t waste so much time driving and sitting in waiting rooms. Or that I used the $24 I saved on this particular cake to buy enough food for at least 3 full meals for the 6 adults currently living in my house. And frankly, it’s because we’re on baby #3 with 6 adults living in the house that I can’t afford to pick up cakes for all the kids’ parties at the grocery store. If I had, it’d have cost me over $100 just this month. And I certainly have better things to do with that money.

So, snooty mom of more than one, I thoroughly enjoyed baking the cupcakes with my older daughter’s help. We had fun sitting together and licking the beaters. I had even more fun setting up the candy cane and decorating it. And it was all worth the extra time (and saved cash) when Little Man saw (and tasted) the finished product. It was even better because my (very large extended) family got to eat some of the extra cupcakes after dinner last night – right after my kids ‘decorated’ them together.

Note: The instructions for this cake and many other Christmas goodies can be found at Bright Ideas.


2 thoughts on “Take that!

  1. I love how it turned out!
    I have my Balcony Girls group today and I’m tyring to come up with something festive … I have an idea so I hope it turns out!


  2. I love it! As a mom of four who is currently planning two different Christmas parties for kids, I’m now seriously thinking about doing this for one of them… Thanks for posting pictures.


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