One more day

I’ve been living in my house with my in-laws (but no hubby) for a week now. Part of that time hubby’s brother and his wife have been here too. That means his whole family is in my home, and me and my kids are the only native English speakers. It also means we’re the only ones who don’t think my cooking is odd. And we’re the only ones who eat cold cereal.  And we’re the only ones who know Elmo, Thomas, and Dora. We’re severely outnumbered.

But tomorrow is our last day like that! Hubby comes home very late tomorrow night. Really, he’ll probably get here early Wednsday morning – as in, 0-dark:30. Regardless of when he comes, I’ll be waiting. With a million questions. But really, when he walks in the door and tosses his bags on the floor, I don’t doubt that I’ll forget all the questions I had planned (I should really write them down…) and melt into his arms. Melting half out of relief to have my hubby back, and half out of sheer exhaustion from adjusting to his family with him gone.
New rule for the Mudlark home: Hubby can’t leave wifey alone with the in-laws for more than 2.75 days. Otherwise, her sanity very well may be a casualty.


One thought on “One more day

  1. That sounds a little like my family… My mother-in-law doesn’t speak much English. I think she understands more than she speaks. We have some interesting conversations. Luckily we aren’t living together…


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