God is good.

Hubby is away in Moscow. For 8 days. That means he left me alone with his newly-moved-in-parents for 8 days. (Multumesc, dragule!) Bean has been sick since he left, and Liam is coming down with it, so they’ve kept me busy just medicating them and snuggling (and coping with their crankiness).

I was pretty worried about 8 days alone with the in-laws. But it’s turning out well. Yesterday I became the daughter-in-law of the year by (1) buying them each a blank notebook (apparently, that was like Christmas); (2) bringing them cut up apples while they were studying their drivers’ manuals; (3) making veggie-bean soup that was “better than anyone in Moldova could ever make. Honest.”; (4) serving up some chicken pot pie for dinner that was another huge hit; (5) having an in-depth discussion about healthy foods and why I think it’s important to eat healthy. Suddenly, I’m an angel. (I’ve known that all along… but it’s nice to finally be recognized) 😉

Today I woke up with the kids’ cold. No fever yet, thankfully. But let me tell you how God is good in this. I’m sick and miserable. But my in-laws get to take care of me this time. They get to feel needed, and that makes them happy. And frankly, were I here alone with the (sick) kids while hubbs was in Moscow, I honestly don’t know how I’d cope. I’m sure I would – I’ve done it before. The 3 of us all sick and me having to buck up and be responsible… But how nice it is to be able to retreat to my room, and blog rest, knowing that the kids and the house are being taken care of.

That said, I’m off to bed.


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