So much for a healthy family…

Well, the 3 1/2 weeks of health were a blessing to be thankful for. But we seem to have entered the second edition of fall fevers. Bean complained most of the day about various aches and pains, but she was in a great mood, so I assumed it was all a ploy for attention. Until bath time. When the fever spiked. Unfortunately I didn’t have a thermometer when it happened, so I don’t know how high it was. But by the time hubby got home with a brand new thermometer, 45 minutes had passed since I doped her up on Motrin, and it was a mere 102.8.

At its highest point she was in and out of consciousness, which is a definite sign of a febrile seizure. This is her second. But, the silver lining is that they say kids who have febrile seizures have a tendency to become smarter than their peers. So, watch out world – she’s had 2. I guess that puts her in the category of genius-to-be.

Only one question now. What’s up with my kids and seizures?


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