Liam’s doing well!

We saw the neurologist today. It was just a routine check-up, but the doc wanted to increase his anti-seizure meds. Why? Because his dosage is low for his weight. But mama came through for her little boy. If he hasn’t had a seizure since we started the meds, why should we mess with the dosage (and thereby, mess with the side effects)? The doc agreed to keep it where it is, and only increase if he has another seizure. Now, here’s hoping that there are no more seizures.

Otherwise, everything looked good. Reflexes, muscle use, development, eyes, head size… It’s all good. And that makes mama happy.  As for the frequent night waking (and screaming) that started after we started his meds, the doc wasn’t willing to call them seizures, though they could be. They could be triggered by seizure activity in the brain, but they could just as well be a zillion other things – nightmares, light sleeping, regular sleep disturbances. So, just another thing to add to the ‘wait and see’ list. As for how long he’ll be on the meds, at least 2 years. Then we can do EEGs and try to wean him off. I’m looking forward to that day!

All in all, a good visit. Liam came home happy, and I’m quite pleased that we don’t have to mess with his meds for now. Just hoping and praying that there will be no more seizures. Want another bonus? The whole family has been healthy for 3 weeks now! I almost don’t know what to do with myself. It’s winterish, and we’re all healthy… All. healthy. How can that be? Thankful for it though.


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