Things I’ve learned…

… since the arrival of my in-laws from Moldova.

  1. Cold drinks will make someone sick.
  2. Playing on a tile floor will make someone sick.
  3. Not being covered at night (with a thick, thick blanket) will make someone sick.
  4. Bumps and bruises truly do mean the end of the world is imminent.
  5. Children who are able to do things on their own should not be permitted to, under any circumstance.
  6. Washing hands in cold water will make someone sick.
  7. Changing a child’s diaper less frequently than once an hour will make the child sick.
  8. Wearing socks in the house without slippers will make someone sick.
  9. A person should never – under any circumstance – sit on the floor/ground.
  10. Flowers given upon arrival to welcome a guest should always be given in an odd number (11 or 13, not twelve).
  11. Children who suck on their fingers will be harmed for life.
  12. Children who suck on a pacifier will also be harmed for life, only not as drastically.
  13. Finding the balance in that whole ‘leaving mother and father and cleaving to wife’ thing takes practice.
  14. Grandparents waking up with the kids at night gives pregnant mommy a good night’s rest.
  15. A good night’s rest makes a pregnant mommy feel ten times better.
  16. Homeopathic bee pollen (courtesy of homeopathic doc-grandfather) is in fact a superfood for kids and adults alike.
  17. Going to see the pediatric neurologist isn’t nearly as intimidating when homeopathic doc/neurologist grandfather tags along.
  18. When grandparents play with the kids I get a lot more done.
  19. Having grandparents who love to garden means I don’t have to pull weeds.
  20. Chicken Turkey noodle soup at the end of a long day makes it all better.
  21. Chocolate works better.
  22. Chocolate doesn’t work quite as well as a margarita (or cosmopolitan or mojito) would (but alas, I’m pregnant).
  23. 4-6 adults (depending on guests) and 2 children make for a very, very full house.
  24. I need a vacation.

I try to remind myself – daily – that even though their ideas seem odd to me, they aren’t much different than my own. Just like I kiss my fingers and touch them to the top of the car when I drive through a yellow light. Just like I believe that sitting too close to the TV will ruin my eyes. Just like I believe that drinking ice water out of a glass instead of a clear plastic cup ruins the flavor of the water. We all have little eccentricities. I’m just surrounded by a whole bunch that I’m not used to. And that are being imposed on my kids. But we’ll adjust. The kids will too, probably faster than me.


One thought on “Things I’ve learned…

  1. I just got home from a week with my in-laws.

    Yeah, this whole multiple-generation living is interesting. What helped me “survive” (and it was a lovely visit, truly) is the reality that children are smart.

    So (for example) Grandma will give M ice cream even though she didn’t eat her dinner. Well, if that’s the cost of getting an evening to ourselves, I *really* don’t mind. M isn’t going to be expecting ice cream from *us.* She knows different.

    Anyway, I know it’s different for you b/c it’s not just for a week. I pray wisdom for you and grace for your home.


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