I entered a new decade today. On Thanksgiving. I’ve actually been looking forward to this one. Kind of like having kids inaugurates a new stage in life, 30 does the same. Somehow it’s like I’ve ‘graduated.’

The funny thing is that I had a distant aunt send me ‘condolences’ wishing me a day full of loving, gracious friends and family to lift me up on this hard day in my life. Apparently she mourned leaving her 20’s behind to the extent of days upon days of bitter tears. I can see why some people would take it hard – it’s an age and a country where we value youth and try desperately to hang on to it as long as we can. For some reason though, that’s not me. I’m quite happy to be 30. (Of course, that may be because I’m the very last of my friends to enter this decade… It’s like I’m joining them.)

Celebrating on Thanksgiving made it all the better. Good food, family. Sure, a day in the kitchen where I single-handedly made a seven course meal for 9 people, complete with a 17-pound turkey, and entirely exhausted myself. But the satisfaction and fulfillment of the meal itself, surrounded by this particular set of people made it entirely worth-while.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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