It could have been worse

Yesterday my in-laws arrived. Not for a visit, or for the holidays. But to move in. They arrived around 9:30 last night after 17 hours of flying and 4 hours in customs. It was a long day.

And it was wonderful to see them. The kids cuddled with them this morning – even though it was the first time they’d met. My in-laws said this is like heaven for them. Not having to work – for the first time in their lives (as in, they’ve never, ever taken a vacation), spending time with their grandkids, and having everything they need (shelter, food, heating, etc.) provided for them. They think our home is heavenly.

They think I’m the most gifted interior decorator this side of the Atlantic. And the best cook in the history of the planet. (I’m not deceiving myself – they only think that because they hadn’t eaten in 2 days.) They’re wonderful. They love spending time loving on my kids.

I love lying down for a rest in the middle of the morning. So apparently, this is working out just fine. Pictures will come soon. Probably after I’ve had time to lie down and recoup from the tizzy of cleaning-madness I’ve just put myself through.


3 thoughts on “It could have been worse

  1. I also think you are a gifted interior decorator. (Actually I do.) And letting your children play with crayons that match the decor is brilliant.

    So glad things are going well. Talk to you soon almost birthday girl…


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