I just need to know

Is it me? Or are little girls’ shirts (toddler-sizes) shorter in the midriff than they should be? Maybe Bean just has a long torso (which I find hard to believe seeing as how all the women on both sides of the family are stricken with being ‘vertically-challenged’).   I bought her a slew of long-sleeved shirts at consignment. Of them, she’s able to wear only 3 without looking like she’s trying to imitate Brittney Spears. She’s 3 years old, people! Is it really necessary for children’s clothing manufacturers to be turning preschoolers into little Bratz dolls? (And when did being a brat become cool?) A quarter of the shirts I brought home from an upscale consignment store are appropriate. That means 75% of them show a bare midriff. Did I mention that she’s 3? Come on! She can’t even wield a crayon correctly! But boy, with all that skin to show off, maybe we should adorn it with something cute, like a belly ring. Or maybe a little butterfly tattoo.

Or, better yet, maybe children’s clothing companies could make something that would cover up my 3-year old daughter’s bare tummy – in winter, no less!


6 thoughts on “I just need to know

  1. Oh, I so agree. I wish you could hear my husband on the way home from church on Sundays. He is ALWAYS amazed at the girls and their attire ~ or lack of. My friend decided to put her little one in pull on pants and t-shirts that were probably too big. She decided that being covered was better than fashionable. Although she knows that won’t last long with a little girl!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!


  2. I completely agree! We have the same problem with Ashlyn and she’s 5. Combined with the fact that she’s a skinny little thing and her jeans usually rest on her hips instead of her waist and we’ve got double trouble. I’ve found Old Navy shirts are usually the best for us. They may shrink up after awhile, but they tend to be longer. Good luck! Here in Minnesota, we really need to find clothes to keep their tummies covered in winter 🙂


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