Somebody help me!

In 15 days (but who’s counting?) my in-laws are moving in. That means we’ll be adding 2 full-grown adults to our home. With their stuff. And some extra furniture.

So I have 15 days (but who’s counting?) to re-organize all my closets, clean out all the clutter from the house, and make room for 2 new adults. That said, let me just tell you. My. house. is. cluttered. Especially after the last 2 months (consisting of Liam’s tumor and the Great Plague of 2007). For nearly 2 months, nothing has been put away, nothing has been thrown away, and nothing has been given away. I don’t even have summer clothes put away!
Surely someone out there is an organizing guru and can tell me how to put my home in order. Quick. Ideas? Anyone? Don’t make me beg.


5 thoughts on “Somebody help me!

  1. Attempt one “project” at a time. And remember, if not everything is done when the in-laws move in, it means that there are more adults to help complete the projects!


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