Drama continues

Liam’s brain tumor is benign and small enough to stay where it is. Hubby’s travels are mostly over. The Great Plague of 2007 is coming to a close. All is well with the world.

And just now, when all I want to do is take a week-long nap to recover from the last few months of drama, we got news that my in-laws are moving in with us in about 3 weeks. Yes, I’m quite pleased that they’re coming. They’ve never met my kids. My kids haven’t had the pleasure of knowing them yet. And they’re going to be a huge help as the pregnancy continues and my energy levels plummet.  It will be a great joy to have them with us.

But now I have 3 weeks to make my house beautiful, rearrange furniture, get more furniture, send loads of stuff to Goodwill and generally prepare everything for my in-laws to move in with us. I guess that week-long nap I’ve been craving will have to wait until after they arrive. And that’ll be nice, because then it can be an uninterrupted week-long nap…

A girl can dream, right?


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