I have a new friend

It’s shiny. It’s new. It’s heavier than a ton of bricks. But it works so much better than my ancient Oreck. It’s the Kirby Sentria. It has a transmission! Self-propulsion. Once it’s turned on it’s like butter (pronounced, butta, please). It’s just getting up the stairs or down that’s a struggle. But they’re bringing me a factory-reconditioned one to keep on one floor of the house so I won’t have to lug it.

I grew up with Kirbys. I know Kirbys. And when they demonstrated the new Kirby, with its self-propulsion and more tools than Sears, I was hooked. I vacuumed my carpet with my Oreck. Then they vacuumed it with my Oreck. Then they vacuumed it with the Kirby and showed me how much ickiness came out of my carpet after having been vacuumed twice with the Oreck. Oh, my friends, I was grossed out. And it takes a lot to gross me out.

So today (after I take Bean to the doctor, because apparently the Great Plague of 2007 continues) I’m hoping to set Bean up downstairs (where the carpets have already been vacuumed sufficiently with my new friend) and take my Kirby upstairs to thoroughly clean every inch of carpet, upholstery, hard flooring, ceiling fan, and any other surface I can reach. And I’m hoping to vacuum some of the Great Plague germs out of our house. Wish me luck.


One thought on “I have a new friend

  1. I got sold on Kirby while my husband was on active Army duty in Bosnia and I was home with kids in Indiana. Still love my Kirby!

    We’ve got some of the plague here, too – just found out it’s strep. And now I think I’ve got it. UGH.

    Enjoy (is that the right word, exactly?) your Kirby!


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