Happy 5th anniversary!

In honor of our 5th wedding anniversary, here’s a marriage meme, taken from Shalee’s Diner, a while back.

  1. Where/How did you meet? Kiev, Ukraine – but only briefly. 3 years later I got a job in Chisinau, Moldova and ended up attending his church.
  2. How long have you known each other? “known” is a funny word. We met 9 years ago in Kiev, but really only got to know each other 6 years ago.
  3. How long after you met did you start dating? Well, again it was 3+ years after we met, but 10 months after I moved to Chisinau and started attending his church.
  4. How long did you date before you were engaged? 6 months
  5. How long was your engagement? 6 months. I wanted a long engagement. So did he – but we meant different things when we said ‘long’ – so 6 months it was.
  6. How long have you been married? 5 years
  7. What is your anniversary? Today, October 19
  8. How many people came to your wedding reception? 100
  9. What kind of cake did you serve? I don’t remember the type of cake, but it had turtle filling. It was not your typical wedding cake, and it was heavenly.
  10. Where was your wedding? Brandon, FL. But we got married before that in Chisinau (on paper, September 13th). And then we had another wedding reception in Chisinau after our Florida wedding and Mexico honeymoon. Confused?
  11. What did you serve for your meal? At our wedding reception in Florida we served some kind of carved meat (turkey? roast? I don’t remember) and heavy appetizers – little skewers, and those little spinach pockets (spanakopita or something like that?). In Moldova we served a full meal, complete with sarmale, icra de baklajan and other such goodies. And it wasn’t looked favorably upon that we served champagne.
  12. How many people were in your wedding party? 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen
  13. Are you still friends with them all? I wish I was – I miss them! I’m still friends with 2 of the groomsmen and 2 of the bridesmaids.
  14. Did your spouse cry during the ceremony? No, or if he did he hid it well!
  15. Most special moment of your wedding day? Well, it’s not really the wedding day, but the rehearsal dinner was probably the best moment for me. My parents hosted it at their house, in the backyard, with catered barbeque and beer on tap. We invited all out of town guests, so there was a big crowd of people I hadn’t seen in ages. It was fantastic. And none of the wedding day jitters!
  16. Any funny moments? Funny moment #1: To initially get married (on paper) we had to say “No.” Yes, that’s right. In Chisinau on September 13 the woman asked if we had any objections to marrying. I looked at E. with questioning eyes and said “Am I really supposed to say ‘no’ so that we can get married?” Indeed. It was the day we said no. Funny moment #2: During our wedding ceremony in Florida, our unity candle fell. That’s right, we almost set the church on fire during the ceremony. While we were lighting it. My dress was a near casualty. And the videographer was focused in on the whole thing. Great to watch over and over! Funny moment #3: Not having been raised in the US, hubby didn’t know about the whole ‘garter’ thing at the reception. The DJ surprised him before I had a chance to tell him, and that look on that poor man’s face was precious! (‘You mean, in front of all these people?’)
  17. Any big disasters? You mean nearly setting the church on fire wasn’t enough for you? My photographer showed up late. I wasn’t happy about that.
  18. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And they had their first hurricane in 20 years while we were there. (We chose Puerto Vallarta because it was hurricane season and I wanted somewhere not likely to have a hurricane. I guess they were due though…)
  19. How long were you gone? One week. What I’d give for another week on the beach! (Maybe without the hurricane this time.)
  20. If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change? I think I’d like to do it a little more casual, maybe even on the beach.
  21. What side of the bed do you sleep on? Whichever side is closer to the bathroom…
  22. What size is your bed? Queen.
  23. Greatest strength as a couple? We compliment each other perfectly – we’re different in so many ways, but we share this ‘other’ culture that so few understand. (When we’re in my culture I totally understand where he’s coming from; when we’re in his culture he totally gets where i’m coming from. It’s cool.)
  24. Greatest challenge as a couple? Communication. We don’t share a common native language, so one of us is always speaking a foreign language.
  25. Who literally pays the bills? Him.
  26. What is your song? We don’t have one, and that doesn’t really bother us.
  27. What did you dance your first dance to? Steven Curtis Chapman, “I will be here”
  28. Describe your wedding dress: Sleeveless cream with little pearls all over the bodice, and the skirt and train had a darker cream colored wrap-around thing that opened to reveal pearled flowers growing up the main part of the dress. I bought my veil in Moldova to match my dress – for under a buck, and a pearled tiara-thing for another 2 bucks. Mom sewed them together, and it was gorgeous!
  29. What kind of flowers did you have at your wedding? I wanted a very simple bouquet of 3 calla lilies, and a single calla lilly for each bridesmaid. But my florist gave me this ginormous bouquet (including, but so not limited to 3 calla lilies). And for future reference ladies, calla lilies drip. Everywhere. Continually.
  30. Are your wedding bands engraved? No. But I put “Un’te duci? La tecuci. Ce sa faci? Cozonaci!” on his Ipod. Does that count? (Not translatable, so don’t ask. Sorry.)
  31. How old were you when you got married? He was 27 and I was 25.

2 thoughts on “Happy 5th anniversary!

  1. So interesting about your communication!
    I have a RL friend who married a Mexican and they have the same situation.

    You people amaze me: enough fluidity in another tongue to build and maintain a relationship. Wow.

    Congrats on your special day! (was he able to be home for it?)


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