Pray for Liam

Liam was born in December 2005 with a pretty big head (“Look at that gargantuan cranium! It’s like an orange on a toothpick!” Know the movie?). We weren’t surprised – his big sister had a big head too. But at 10 months old his pediatrician noticed that his head was growing much faster than the normal rate, and the rest of his body had nearly stopped growing altogether. At CT scan at that point found nothing.

In June of 2007 Liam had his first seizure. A CT scan at the ER was clear (or so it was interpreted). The seizures continued through the summer, getting worse by September. After multiple EEGs and an MRI, he was found to have a benign brain tumor. At that time he was also placed on anti-epileptic medication, which has – thankfully – controlled the seizures. As of yet, we still don’t know if the seizures and the tumor are related – they could be entirely independent of each other.

The neurosurgeon decided that tumor is too small to incur the risks of brain surgery, so now we wait. And we test. Several times a year Liam will have an MRI to monitor the tumor’s growth. And in the meantime, we praise God for His provision and guidance through this.

How do we feel about it? We know that God placed something in Liam’s head that most people don’t have. We won’t say that it shouldn’t be there. It wasn’t a mistake, or a punishment, or a curse. It’s a blessing. We may not understand it fully, but somehow and for some reason, God chose to bless our Liam with a small, benign brain tumor. We are eternally thankful that the tumor is benign, and that it’s small. We have complete faith and trust that if God put this in Liam’s head, He’ll be the one to guide us through treatment options. We have complete faith that God loves Liam even more than we do, and for that we are thankful. We are also thankful that He is in control of the situation. As the Almighty creator, sustainer, and healer, we know that He is faithful to Liam and to us.

We covet your prayers for Liam as we walk this road:

  • That the seizures would stop and he’d be able to wean off the medication
  • That the tumor would not grow
  • That MRI’s would go smoothly without any complications due to anesthesia
  • That his team of doctors would be blessed with wisdom and discernment
  • That we – as his parents – would have the wisdom to shepherd his heart and give him coping skills as he learns about the ways that God made him special
  • That this situation would edify and not tear down his relationship with his big sister and baby brother

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