The great plague of 2007

Wednesday: (Mama) Trip to urgent care center for breathing difficulties. Enough drugs prescribed to start a cartel.

Thursday: (Mama) Day in ER due to complications from multiple medications. Ironically, more drugs prescribed. Problem thought to be found with pregnancy. Something from the ER doc (over and over and over again) that 14 weeks is not a viable pregnancy, thoughts of losing the baby. Test found to have false result and the baby is “just perfectly healthy!” Roller Coaster ride comes to a stop. Please exit to your right when the seat belt bar releases.

Friday morning: (Bean) Trip to pediatrician for persistent cough. Steroids and antibiotics prescribed to treat breathing problems and surprise double ear infection.

Friday afternoon: (Little Man) Emergency trip to pediatrician due to high fever. Found to have pneumonia, pink eye, and ear infection. Enough drugs prescribed to start yet another cartel.

Saturday morning: Hubs waks up with high fever. The one who never gets sick has succumbed to the great plague of 2007.

So far, no one has been diagnosed with IBS, ADHD, or restless leg syndrome. I’ll take my silver linings where I can get ’em!


2 thoughts on “The great plague of 2007

  1. OK, I thought I wanted to know how you were doing. Now I am crying even harder. Oh, how I wish things were different. Why must life be like this! I love you.


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