Phew! So glad the EEG is over. What on earth made our neurologist think that attaching a 10-pound box to my toddler’s head with 20+ plus wires would be a good idea? That’s right, 20+ wires, glued to his head, wrapped in gauze, and leading to a 10-pound box. He was on a leash for 24 hours! And it was attached to his head, for pity’s sake! (Let me just say, we got some stares. I’m afraid the pizza guy is going to call DFACS on us for torturing our child.)

I’m no physicist, but I can define perpetual motion for you: a toddler told to be still. Somehow, the very instant you attach something to his head and tell him to be still it triggers something in the brain (or maybe the power from the 4 D batteries gave him extra energy). That kid was like the Energizer bunny.  Even in his sleep!

At night he constantly rolled – the worst thing he could have done, since it wrapped the wires around his precious little neck. So all night long I was de-tangling him from the wiry choking-death-trap. When we went back this morning to have the death-trap removed, the second he was free he took off running. And continued running for most of the day. Ah, the taste of freedom! (I don’t know who was really liberated – me or him.)

Next step: we wait. It takes 2 weeks for a team of doctors to interpret the 24 hours’ worth of 20+ seemingly random squiggly lines. Around October 10th (the same day we see the neurosurgeon) the results should be ready.


5 thoughts on “Liberated!

  1. Sometimes the waiting can be the toughest part. Praying that Satan doesn’t get any victory in playing with your mind while you wait.

    When my daughter had an EEG, she had long hair. Lots of hair. And all those sticky probes on her head. Ugh. What a mess! Oh, and we were supposed to keep her up all night before we went in for a morning EEG because they wanted her severely sleep-deprived and an empty stomach, and then they wanted her to sleep during the test so they could monitor her brain as she was falling asleep, asleep, and then waking up. She was 5. Have you ever tried to keep a 5 year old awake all night long?! A hungry 5 year old at that! I would not want to go through that again.

    Anyway, be thankful for the short hair. 🙂 And I never even knew they made portable take-home EEG contraptions. I’m glad that part of the ordeal is over for you.


  2. Thanks for the pictures! I like the expression on his face on the couch, like he’s considering what acrobatic act he might be able to pull off–wires and all!


  3. What a cutie! I love the couch pic. We will be praying for your family, I can’t imagine what it must be like to wait. I have a little boy just a bit younger than Liam and one on the way, (I think I’m just a week or two ahead of you-how are you feeling?). Blessings.


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