Today’s the big day. We’ll post some pictures later. But for now, suffice it to say Liam’s head is hooked up like a Christmas tree. Well, more like an HDTV. He’s got more wires than a surround sound stereo system. He looked kind of like Bob Marley at first, then they wrapped his head in gauze. Now he looks like a poor pathetic little kid with a serious head injury… and a lot of wires.

I can’t be more than 12 inches away from him as long as he’s hooked up, and I have to stay with him when he sleeps – so he doesn’t wrap his neck in the wires and suffocate himself. And for now, we’re about to take him out in public. I’m awaiting the stares.   And Liam? He’s a little annoyed with the whole train of wires that lead into a 10-pound camera bag. But other than being annoyed, he’s handling it like a champ.


4 thoughts on “EEG

  1. When my friend’s daughter had this done, she too was amazed at the champion attitude of the littlest people to endure such technology. The versatility of a child can be as awesome when its in place as it is horrible when its not there. Thankful to hear that Liam is being a champ! May this testing pass quickly, indeed.


  2. I’m so glad to hear he’s handling it well, and it sounds like you are too. I’m not going to play on Skype tonight – so call me if you need/want to chat. I’m suspecting you’re going to sleep when Liam does though…after you take your medicine!! 🙂 Talk to you tomorrow.


  3. I like the addition of “Liam’s Calendar.” It, along with your posts, will help us focus our prayers more specifically. For now, we’ll be praying that everything tonight goes smoothly as you stay up with the Little Man.


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