Sand between my toes…

…from a long walk on a beach as the sun sets is really nothing like yogurt between my toes from Liam dumping it on the table, painting a masterpiece with it, covering himself with it, and throwing it by handfuls on the floor.

The first time (this morning) that I got yogurt between my toes, shame on him. When I gave him more yogurt for lunch and I stepped in it again, shame on me. I should have learned my lesson.

In case anyone’s wondering, the easiest way to clean yogurt off the table, floor, walls, and chandelier is with a dry paper towel. Follow up with an all-purpose or gentle window cleaner to get the sticky residue off. I’ve had lots of practice.


One thought on “Sand between my toes…

  1. Yes, but can you clean yogurt from the couch slip cover, armed with only a dirty kleenex and a crayon? If so, from now on, I think I’m going to call you MacGyver. 🙂


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