Emotion is gone, numbness has set in

The announcement of Liam’s tumor ushered in a full 10 days of mood swings, roller coaster emotions and ‘crisis mode,’ including neither sleep nor meals. It came amidst first trimester madness and I can only assume that the first trimester along with lack of sleep and food were all contributing factors to the emotional mess.

Hubby came home Thursday (and left again yesterday), but yesterday also brought with it the 2nd trimester! (Which will hopefully end the queasies too.) And somewhere over the weekend the emotions disappeared. They’ve been replaced with numbness.

I’m guessing that this is a natural part of the coping process. And it’s probably good that numbness has come over me before we visit the neurosurgeon. It wouldn’t be the most productive meeting if I wept through the whole thing. Or coated all my words with intense sarcasm.

I think Liam has gotten used to the medication for seizures. We’ve upped his dosage and – though he takes monster naps – he isn’t as cranky as he was when we first started it (perhaps another reason I’m not so emotional). Bean, on the other hand, has realized that her little brother is getting loads of attention and hugs. This has brought her to crazy tactics like crying for 2 days straight over a skinned knee. And accidents almost daily. My carpet isn’t too happy with that. Nor is my washing machine. But this too shall pass.


3 thoughts on “Emotion is gone, numbness has set in

  1. Emily, how nice that you found me! (I’ve been trying to find your blog now… not fair!) Thanks so much for your neighborly help. I almost came looking for milk last night. But then I put half and half in the kids’ sippy cups. They liked it… I felt guilty. Replenished the milk supply this morning, and hubby comes home tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help!


  2. Don’t ask how I stumbled upon your site because it’s a long story! It must be serendipity. I posted the button from EveryDay Mommy onto KK’s site so our friends and family can remember yours in our prayers. Please knock on my door for ANYTHING- milk, eggs, diapers, glue sticks– we would love to be of help.
    Emily and Paul


  3. Thankful with you for the details that you see God taking care of with His wisdom and mercy–second trimester being ushered in, Liam’s naps and reduced crankiness, even a reprieve from constant emotional storms. Trusting with you that God will strengthen both your arms and heart, fortify your body and mind for the meeting with the doctor, to know exactly which step to take next.


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