Would you?

The sermon this week at church was on REALLY praying. In Acts 12:5 where it talks about the disciples’ “fervent prayer,” the word fervent actually means “agonizing” or “stretched out.” This is the type of prayer you pray when there’s a significant, desperate need. When the need you feel brings you to your knees before the throne. It’s the type of prayer Elijah prayed over the widow’s son. It’s the type of prayer Jesus talked about with “knock and the door will be opened” – that passage isn’t talking about a gentle tap-tap; it’s about banging your fists in desperation because you’ve nowhere else to turn. It’s a picture of the disciples crying out for their brothers and sisters during intense persecution.

The good news is that where ever we see that type of prayer in the Bible, we see God move. We see Him glorified. So the question is, are you willing to endure significant, desperate – even painful – need, to watch God be moved to action by your prayers, and see Him glorified?

Two weeks ago my answer would have been no. I’m not there yet. And by the way God, please don’t put me there, cause I just can’t handle it. But I didn’t hear the sermon 2 weeks ago. I heard it this week. And this week, I’m in the middle of it. And guess what… It’s not a bad place to be. God is most certainly with me. And where He is, there is joy.

Joy is different than happiness. Happiness in our house is a fleeting thing these days. Tears abound, but still there is joy. Tempers are short, but forgiveness is ever available. There is comfort in knowing that God is guiding our steps, even when the pathway is dark and hidden under thick brush. There is joy in His presence. There is abundant joy in knowing that He has chosen this path for us, simply because it is what we need. And that He has chosen us for this path because He has a purpose for us, and in us. God’s gonna move, and I can’t wait to see it.

I suppose at this point I might as well tell you all, my sweet boy’s name is Liam. I’ve been calling him Little Man on the blog, and maybe I still will. But for all of you praying for him, I know God understands it – He knows who Little Man is. But you can pray for Liam now. God’s going to pull Liam through this one way or another, but it sure would help to have lots of people sending up requests for us. So thank you. I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who care for us, and add my Liam to their already long lists of prayer requests. But all these prayers bring glory and honor to the One who chose this road for Liam, and that is all I can ask for now. For those of you who are praying, may you be blessed through this, seeing God move in remarkable ways through your prayers for Liam.


11 thoughts on “Would you?

  1. I came by way of “Living to tell a story” and I have been so blessed reading through some of your blog entries. I am praying for Liam right now, and for your family.


  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I needed to hear it. I will pray for you and Liam. Thanks for reminding me that the road can be dark and scary But God is still God. blessings and love to you and Liam. come Jesus, light the way


  3. I got here tonight after clicking on about 25,000 other blogs/websites. I guess “Someone” wanted me here. 🙂 I will pray with you and all the others for little man Liam and your family. May God continue to bless you richly with His peace that surpasses understanding.


  4. You know, I’m not sure how I found your site, but I will be praying. I too have a 21 month ‘little man’, and every time I look him I will be reminded of your need.



  5. Greetings from Northern Ireland, a few things.

    We obviously have much in common not least our choice in blog design.

    I’ve dropped by via Jules and will pray for your current situation with your son Liam.

    Blessings to you as you live out your heavenly fathers will in your lives.


  6. Yes. For Liam, for you, for this sweet family–yes. To God’s glory may every prayer be a sacrifice of praise and a testimony of His power, His ever present compassion, and the steadfast Word of His truth.


  7. I’ve had Little Man in my prayers since you posted about his diagnosis. Today, and from now on, my prayers will be for little Liam and you and your family.


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