Things to remember

Today was better day. Perspective helps. And a good talk with hubby, even across the ocean, was just what I needed. I’ve been reminding myself of a few things today and I think that’s helped me keep it together.

First off, this is not a mistake or some random happening. God is sovereign. He created Little Man, and for some reason He put a something in my little boy’s brain that most people don’t have. But yes, I do believe that God put it there. It’s there for a purpose that I may never understand. It isn’t a deformity or defect. It isn’t a mistake.

Second, I’m not angry about it. Yes, he has a tumor. And I firmly believe that God put it there. But I faithfully know that God has good reasons for what He does. Who am I to question the Most High? The Creator of the heavens and earth. The Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end. I only trust and give Him the glory for it all.

Third, I am ridiculously grateful that it’s not worse than it is. I recognize well that our situation could be horribly worse; and the very fact that it’s not, and that God gave us this particular struggle, gives me solid hope.

He is equipping me for every moment as it comes and for that too, I am thankful.


4 thoughts on “Things to remember

  1. Good for you for holding onto these truths. He is with you and will not leave you to walk through this alone.

    And you’re right. He does love your son even more than you love him. That truth has carried me through some difficult situations with my children.


  2. He is the Rock that faithfully gives sure footing to the righteous who stand upon Him. He is the tower that with strength gives refuge to the wise who run to Him. He is the shield who defends His own against the enemy’s darts. You are His righteous, His wise, and His own. To His Name be the Glory!


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