Where in the world is Mudlark?

Apparently not blogging or reading blogs much this week. But the better question is where is Mudlark’s hubby? Chicago last week. Chisinau and Moscow this week and next. San Francisco. Someplace else… It’s hard to keep up. September is his whirlwind conference month when he comes home for a day or two at a time before jetting off to some other glamorous destination.

Mudlark (Kathy, that is) is trying to overcome zombie-hood whilst chasing after 2 toddlers and coping with first trimester madness and doing more laundry than any person should in one morning. To make things worse, today is Little Man’s MRI, which he has to fast for. That means we’re all fasting, and fasting just should not occur while pregnant. I’m trying to figure out a way to sneak upstairs with an apple and a bowl of cereal without being noticed…   I’m also wondering what ‘interesting’ stores and activities open at 7:30 AM. And have no food or drink anywhere in sight.


5 thoughts on “Where in the world is Mudlark?

  1. Oooo Kathy, I feel your pain.

    I never had to fast, but my DH was away for about a month of my 3rd pg too (that part were I had two under three!).

    That was a total exercise in dependence and looking for solutions (Is my second cousin once removed home this evening? Can we visit?) before I got utterly maxed, b/c there was *no* safety net (my mom and grandmother were out of town too).

    Hugs and prayers!


  2. Fasting during pregnancy? I feel so bad for you!
    I think I was hungry ALL the time when I was pregnant!
    My husband joked occasionally about the tapeworm!

    Good luck with they MRI. We have you in our prayers!


  3. How did I miss it that you’re pregnant? Congratulations! And, sorry about the fasting. Totally not fair during pregnancy, but hopefully he’ll appreciate it. 🙂


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