Part 1, complete.

Little Man’s MRI is finished. I won’t have results back for a couple of days, but the ordeal is done. He was quite a trooper, especially since the 6 hour fast became an 8 1/2 hour fast when the Imaging Center got behind by 2 1/2 hours. In fact, he was much more cooperative and understanding than I was.

To the dear nurse who took such good care of us, I apologize. But that’s what happens when a pregnant woman is kept away from food and drink for that long, and made to her entertain her hungry, thirsty, and overly tired toddler. I know it wasn’t your fault that the MRI was 2 1/2 hours late. Or that Little Man’s veins are evasive and it took a Miracle to find one on the second stick.  I’m just grateful you took such good care of him for the 4.5 hours we spent in your facility. For future reference, prego mamas would be most appreciative if you had a little snack for them too when their babies wake up from anesthesia.

Part 2 to commence in 13 days. That’s the 24-hour EEG. I’m not sure how they’ll get a toddler to keep an EEG on for 24 hours, but I suppose we’re about to witness another miracle.


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