Labor day weekend

at the Mudlark house…

  1. Road trip to Chattanooga in the new minivan, complete with unpleasant conversation with the dealership about little things in my brand new van that don’t work.
  2. Brunch at the Bluewater Grille in downtown Chattanooga – best brunch ever. And with a live jazz band to boot. Great fun. Kids had banana foster french toast. Hubbs and I split lobster bites as an appetizer, then he had poached eggs over crab cakes and I had lobster bisque with a crab BLT. Mmmmm….
  3. Day at the children’s museum in Chattanooga. Oh. my. word. That place is huge.
  4. Welcomed home by fabulous new hardwood floors that were installed while we were away.
  5. Spent many hours cleaning the new hardwoods, walls, window frames – of the knee-deep dust covering everything. Now we just need to put furniture back.
  6. Volunteered to be guinea pigs to enforce the new rules at the church nursery. (Only a handful of parents got ugly with us.)
  7. Rested on the Sabbath, after the chaos of new ways of doing things at church.
  8. Cut Little Man’s hair (only the 3rd time) – and man, is he cute!
  9. Hubbs is working from home today – at least he’ll be around, but it’s too bad he can’t take the day off to spend with us.
  10. And I’m rounding off the long weekend with an ear infection. Am hoping the doctor’s office is open today. But I don’t know how I’ll manage to see the doctor and take the minivan in to have all those little things fixed.

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