It’s official.

I’m a minivan mom. Last night I traded in my super cool Subaru B9 Tribeca (cars just don’t come any cooler than that) for a white Toyota Sienna. That makes one more white minivan in suburbia. Just what the world needs. The funny thing will be when I show up at a playdate next week where I’ll be the 4th mom driving a white Toyota Sienna. (Surely the other 3 of them will come over to our side soon…)

In other news, Bean’s painting skills have improved immensely. Mama’s proud. No longer are the days of abstract blobs. Last week she learned circles and smiley faces (rudimentary, but recognizable), and today she graduated to stick people! Such talent! Smithsonian, here we come!

And Little Man’s verbal skills are coming along too, which eases some of my worries about his hearing. Yesterday he say “I did it” and he said to hubby this morning “I see you!” Baby genius.

Could you possibly be ready for more good news? Tomorrow someone’s coming to put in our hardwood flooring in the mold room living room! And we’re putting it through into the playroom dining room too. This is after 8 months of having that part of the house under construction. This is the last step, and then we can start using the room again! Bonus!

2 thoughts on “It’s official.

  1. I was out blogger strolling today and came upon your blog from a comment you left at my place. (the meme about childhood homes) Read your 100 things and I just had to laugh when you mentioned drooling over fabric. I am a novice sewer, I’ve made a few quilts and found they are not that difficult. But I could spend days looking at fabrics, thinking of all the beautiful things that could be made…. but I would have no idea how to make them. Oh well, maybe after the kids are grown I will have more time to do these things.
    Have a great day


  2. Eeeks. A minivan. Say it ain’t so. But then, if I had 3 kids, one would have to ride in the way back. Actually, no, they could have my seat, because if I had 3 kids, I’d be in the corner of a room somewhere rocking and muttering. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I do that now with just one kid, the long-hair, and the dog. (Those of your readers who don’t know me just made a mental note to try to never meet me… 😉 )

    So – you’re going to post some of Bean’s artwork, right? I want to see the stick people! Here! Now!

    Also glad to hear that Little Man is talking up a storm. I worry about E’s hearing sometimes too – but only because he doesn’t even flinch when one of the other kids at daycare SCREECHES. Seriously, I have nightmares about it. It’s crazy.

    And YAY YAY YAY for wood floors. When’s the housewarming party? I’ll bring icecream. Miss you – D


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