Easy entertaining

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to entertaining. I have this crazy idea that people don’t expect gourmet – just enjoyable. And casual is usually more enjoyable than formal.

My family does oven baked pizza every Sunday night. Virtually no planning, little clean-up, and the cooking is easy and fun – perfect for the Sabbath. Being that it’s so predictable on Sundays, it’s the perfect night for dinner guests. When I’m feeling industrious I’ll make my own sauce and crust (but I always buy the cheese already grated). Otherwise, I just buy a refrigerated cheese pizza from Kroger or Costco and stock up on all sorts of toppings.

Everyone has fun topping their own pizza, and it makes for a fun evening with friends. Kids love it, and it keeps us grown-ups from getting too stuffy. That’s what works for me.  For more Works for Me Wednesday tips, head over to Shannon’s place.


4 thoughts on “Easy entertaining

  1. I too have found that casual get-togethers are always more fun. Make your own pizza is a great idea… especially since I know everyone will end up in the kitchen anyway. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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