Preschool lunches

More on food today. My kids start preschool the week after next and I’m gearing up to be more creative with lunches than I was last year (PB&J sandwich + fruit + pre-packaged snack). The most recent edition of Wondertime Magazine had some good recipes for ham and cheese scones and veggie wraps. So I’m looking for more things like that now.

I just came across some resources from the UC Davis department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. They have some handy PDFs about packing preschool lunches. Here are the links (clicking on them will open PDFs).

15 Take Along Lunches for Preschool Children

Appealing Lunches for Preschool Children

Healthy Lunches for Preschool Children

I was thinking I could do batches of zucchini bread and carrot bread and freeze in small portions. And maybe some days I can do a homemade Lunchable-style thing… I’m weak on creativity in this department (but if I blog about it I have to follow through, at least for the first week) 😉 Hope those links are helpful to some of you – I’m hoping some of you have wisdom to share with me!

Updated: I just found this great link at Parenting Magazine’s site, complete with grocery lists and recipes.


3 thoughts on “Preschool lunches

  1. Enjoyed looking at your blog. I am new to this also, beginning in April of this year. I am a grandmother of five and my oldest grandson starts kindergarten this year. My blog is to share recipes, craft ideas, mothering advice, etc. I do have several school lunch ideas posted there as well as other kid recipes. I hope you will visit the site and let me know what you think. There is a crayon roll up craft there that is perfect for small children.



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