Tights. In summer.

It’s stinkin’ hot in Georgia. And humid too. And here at the Mudlark house, the A/C went out. So it’s stinkin’ hot in the house too. Normally, I’d take the kids someplace fun and air conditioned. But today I’m waiting on the A/C guy to show up. Sometime between yesterday and tomorrow. (That’s the time frame they gave me.) So we’re in the family room, throwing a ball in the house (because it is about 3 degrees cooler inside than out). I just know this is a bad idea. Especially because Little Man’s idea of catch is winding up and letting it fly as hard as he can in any direction. Bean’s idea of catch is taking aim at a target (which she does well) and seemingly knocking the target to the ground by throwing the ball at warp speed. If one of the kids isn’t a casualty, the new TV or sconces surely will be. We’re in for a fun day.

In the meantime, Bean decided that today (being that we’re reaching oven temperatures in our home) is the perfect day to try out her wool fuschia and lime green polka dot tights.  Because they ‘match’ her coral-colored skirt with white polka dots. I’m rather pleased that she wants her clothes to match. But her idea of matching is rather Punky Brewster-ish. I’m just afraid her affinity for wool tights will induce heat stroke. Right here in our living room.


2 thoughts on “Tights. In summer.

  1. hi! saw you checked my site, thanks for stopping by on my eco-friendly day! i checked out your broomhugger too, VERY good tips. i even emailed a fellow-mommy-friend to share some of your asthma stuff with her. moms who research stuff are my friends automatically…i don’t have time to research it all myself! as for this particular post of yours regarding the heat: i was just in north carolina last week for the first time, and it was 106. 106. at that point the word “hot” just loses its meaning.


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