WFMW: Nap-time variations

Being in my first trimester, I’m desperate for some good quiet nap time in the afternoon. But Bean, my 3-yr old, doesn’t like to take naps, and honestly she doesn’t really need them.

So lately I’ve been letting her spend her afternoon “quiet time” in different places. One day she has ‘quiet time’ in the guest room, where she loves the big pillowtop bed with the plush comforter. Another day I let her spend it in my room (while I crash on the guest bed). If I’m in a really benevolent mood I’ll give her some newly printed cartoons of her favorite characters and crayons and let her color anywhere she’s like.  The only hard rule is that she has to be quiet so she doesn’t wake me or Little Man.

I get nap-time. She gets her quiet-time. Little Man sleeps. We’re all a happy family. That’s what works for me. Head over to Rocks in My Dryer for more Works For Me Wednesday tips.


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