First time for everything

Today I had the distinct pleasure of introducing someone to Target. She’s never been there before. In fact, she’s only been in this country for about 10 days. We went to Goodwill first, and I kind of thought that was exciting. I mean, we got sheets for all 4 of her queen beds and enough dishes to serve her family of 6 plus a few friends – and all for under $50. Now that’s exciting.

But then we went to Target. With a list. My method was to go through the store rather quickly, bypassing departments we didn’t need, and knocking out everything on our list quickly enough to get back to my kids in time to have lunch with them. Well, apparently Target is much too exciting for that. My companion walked slowly behind me, gazing in awe at the beauty and remarkable quality of everything in sight. Wondering aloud “is there anything this store doesn’t have?”
I don’t know how much time we spent there. It seemed like the better part of a day.  We didn’t make it back in time to have lunch with my kids. In fact, the person who was watching them doesn’t like changing diapers, so Little Man has a nasty diaper rash now. But it was fun to see the wonder-filled eyes, admiring aisles upon aisles of things like paper towel holders, flip-flops, and colorful file folders. She can’t wait to take her 4 teens and introduce them to the Wonder that is Target. I’d like to be there to see their faces too…


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