A snapshot of my week

Our friends from Moldova, the R family, moved to our town on Saturday. Mom doesn’t speak English. Dad isn’t here yet. The 4 teens have varying levels of English. We’ve been helping them settle in and as it turns out, there’s a lot more involved in that than I thought.

Saturday: Spent morning helping Mrs. R sign lease and settle bank accounts. Got home in time for my kids’ naps. After naps took R family to buy furniture. Hubby took kids home, fed them, put them to bed.

Sunday: Church, with some of R family.  Naps. Dinner together as a family.

Monday: sick as a dog. Hubby had to stay home because I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. That was after I came home from 3 hours at the doctor’s office.

Tuesday: Took the R family to the school district building for international student registration. For the entire day. Hubby stayed home with our kids.

Wednesday: Took the R family to the health department for school vaccinations and testing. Again – took all day (thanks to the fact that the entire planet was there). Mrs. R stayed with my kids and I pretended to be her kids’ legal guardian for the sake of documentation.

Tomorrow: Take R family’s 3 oldest to high school to register. Take youngest to middle school to register. Expect that to take all day. R kids will take turns watching my kids.

Friday: Hopefully I’ll have some time to spend with my own kids.

I miss my kids. 😦  All of this would be a lot easier if we were in Chisinau (except we’d have to pay bribes for it all). But here in the suburbs everything is so spread out I’m using 1/2 a tank of gas a day just shuttling people here and there. And I really miss my kids. It’s nice to help neighbors in need, and I hope my kids are learning that this week as well. It’ll all get easier next week when the R family kids start school.


One thought on “A snapshot of my week

  1. With your knowledge you have helped them so much. That’s great!
    Sure, you’ll miss your children. But you also have set them a great example of what needs to be done at times.


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