If you’re reading this via feed…

… you’re totally missing out. Cause I have a new look! With a new theme (compliments of WordPress) and a super awesome fantastic new header, thanks to Everyday Mommy.

After a really long day (in which I left this morning at 9, and came home 12 hours later, using up half a tank of gas while shuttling bunches and bunches of people from here to there and back again, and again, and again), I came home absolutely beat and decided to check my email (and blog) before collapsing into bed. And what a fantastic surprise from Everyday Mommy! I knew she’d been working on it, but sneaky Jules kept the design and installation a secret… What a fun surprise!

So, the unveiling of my fabu new look.  Now I’m off to collapse. But please leave me a comment and tell me how much you love my new look (because of course you love it – otherwise you’d just be plain crazy!). And head over to Everyday Mommy and tell her about it too – cause everyone can use a some warm fuzzies now and then.


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