Did I tell you…

…Little Man broke my toe 2 days ago? Well, maybe broke is a little bit dramatic. But it was several hours before I was able to move it. And I still can’t put shoes on because my darn foot is so stinkin’ swollen! (So maybe it really is broken? And I’m not being a wimp about this?)

We’re teaching him not to throw. But somewhere along the line my poor, unsuspecting (and innocent) toe became a casualty. Of the sippy cup. Thrown in excitement. On my toe.

This whole teaching him not to throw thing is hard. He stops his hand mid-air if I catch him in time to tell him no, looks at me, looks at what’s in his hand, and nonchalantly drops it on the floor and moves on. But if I’m not looking, anyone in a 10-foot radius better watch out for the sake of their toes (and noses and fingers and knees and more delicate parts too).

C’mon folks – shoot me some ideas. How do you teach a 19-month old not to throw things?


One thought on “Did I tell you…

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m sorry to hear that. Good thing it’s flip-flop weather, huh?

    Hmmph, I’m interested in some answers on this one too. E has always been good about doing what we tell him – mainly with the “don’t touch” – regarding outlets, plants (there’s only one, and it’s silk), the oven (almost never on), etc. But he has started slapping things when he’s not getting his way. He’ll slap whatever is closest – which might be the floor, his own leg, or my face. (the horror!)

    We’re mainly still grabbing his hand and very sternly saying “no hitting” or “don’t hit.” We’re consistent, and haven’t changed that approach, but it’s met with varying results. Sometimes he stops and changes the subject, sometimes he yanks his hand away and hits harder, sometimes he starts to cry.

    There’s a friend that is 2 1/2 years old, doing the same thing, that gets her hand popped when she does it. I don’t think I’m ready to go there. E is 15 months…


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