Dog Days of Summer has a winner

The random number generator did its magic, and the pink purse will go to…

Cal, whose IP address seems to be in Amsterdam. Congratulations to our (Dutch?) friend!

My apologies to everyone who was unable to see the picture. I didn’t get around to fixing it – I’ve been fighting a cold this week and starting my business too. But at least I’m saving you from the disappointment of not winning this spectacular purse! 🙂

And let me just say, there are some people out there who are absolutely purse-happy and tickled pink about pink! I’m amazed, people! (Are you aware that a pink purse won’t make all your dreams in life come true? Some, maybe, but certainly not all.) I now feel compelled to steal pink purses from the rich and give them to the poor in some Robin Hood-ian quest to ensure equal opportunity pink purse distribution! … but then my darn morals get in the way and tell me that stealing is bad, even when done for the sake of mental health for all mankind womankind…


4 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer has a winner

  1. I’ve emailed you back three times but it keeps bouncing back … i’ve received your emails ok tho …. could you re-send me an email with a different email addy please ?


  2. Thank you soooooooo much – i’ve never won anything !!!

    I’m actually in the United Kingdom !!! 🙂

    Hugs ‘n’ snogs – Cal xxxxxxx


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