I’m a full-fledged gym junkie!

Oh. my. word. Do you know? Have you heard? The gym is the most fantastically awesomest place on the planet! I printed off a coupon for 3 free days, fully expecting to hate it.

See, my friends have been waxing lyrical about the wonders of the gym, but I blew it off. The last time I was at a gym I was in high school. It was the place that the buff and buffer hung out. If you didn’t do free weights and feel at home in spandex, you didn’t belong. So I was in no rush to get in there.

But upon the advice of my neighbor I decided to give it a shot. And do you know what? They have complimentary child care. And showers. And individual cable TV screens on all the treadmills and stationary bikes. And a cafe with wireless internet. And Friday night date nights! Do you know what this means?

I can drop the kids into childcare, do the treadmill (or some wild ski machine) while watching the news (or anything else I want – or read a book or a magazine – the possibilities are endless), then do some weight machines, take a shower (in peace and quiet, nonetheless), and then go over to the cafe and have a smoothie or some tea while I blog work oh so tenatiously (and uninterrupted)!

I was there for 2 full hours today. And when I picked up the kids, they were happy. We came home and had a peaceful, copacetic lunch together, then they took naps, and now I’m having some quiet time of my own! What a day!!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m a full-fledged gym junkie!

  1. Wow! That sounds absolutely great! And tempting! Everything but the working out part. That’s not tempting me. At all. Even a little. 🙂 Wait – no, still not.


  2. Ha! The thought has crossed my mind… Actually, I want to take a nice, long, hot shower first, and then go sit in the cafe with a smoothie and my laptop. 🙂


  3. sounds great! knowing me i’d go and pretend i’d worked out…but just sit in the cafe and have a smoothie and go online. ha!


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