Bit the bullet (or the binky…)

I gave in today. We’ve been pondering how on earth we’d ever wean Little Man from his obsession with binkies. He sleeps with 3 – one in his mouth and one in each hand. If he wakes up and can’t find one of the 3, he cries. Until someone comes and rescues the lost binky. We used to keep the binkies in the crib at all times, meaning that he could only have them at night or nap time. But then he became proficient with the stairs and we took down the baby gates – now he gets them all on his very own, and is quite proud of that.

But today. He woke up early from his nap and cried the “I’ve lost my binky” cry (I know it by heart now). And I. decided. to. let. him. cry. it. out.  The first few minutes were easy. But then I started finding reasons to ‘wander’ outside – for just a moment. The mail came. I saw a weed out the window (and of course, had to immediately go pull it). Is that smoke coming from the neighbor’s house (oh, no… just a cloud). Then I wised up and turned off the monitor.  And he did fall back asleep. After putting up a huge fight. That kid sure is persistent!

I don’t know what we’ll do tonight. Or what I’ll do when he wakes up from his nap and realizes that he gave in and fell asleep binky-less. (Oh, the horror!)

I had all these lofty thoughts about how we’d strategically wean him – take him to the toy store and let him “buy” something with the binkies, give them ‘as a gift’ (wink*) to a newborn, get rid of all but one and then take that one away too (is it just me, or does all of this sound rather cruel?), transfer him to a big boy bed and indoctrinate tell him that “big boys don’t use binkies – they’re only for babies.” So much for all of that.

Please, moms and dads, tell me your binky-less stories. I’ve taken the first step (that of refusing to ‘rescue’ the thrown binky). What next???


One thought on “Bit the bullet (or the binky…)

  1. We went cold turkey when my son turned 3 upon the urging of the dentist since he clearly had pacifier mouth. I cut the tip and when he discovered it he didn’t want it anymore. So I told him to go throw it away. Then of course he wanted it back but I just said it’s broken. It took him a while to fall asleep for the next 3 days but after that he was totally fine. Good luck! BTW, the teeth lined up perfectly within a few months. Amazing.


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