WFMW: Eating on the road

Okay, so if I were the perfect mom I’d always have a freshly-shredded turkey wrap made with my own hummus and finely grated carrots fresh from my garden for my kids’ lunches when we were out in town. Complete the meal with fresh melon balls and a small ziploc baggie of home-made whole wheat oatmeal cookies and I’d be mom of the year. Which I’m not.

So on our little last minute road trip (and honestly, there’s nothing little about a last-minute 9 hour drive with 2 toddlers) we found ourselves in southern Georgia needing food. And just in the nick of time (meaning nano-seconds before both kids’ meltdown pushed their mama off the edge of sanity) we saw a KFC, complete with buffet.

Public Service Announcement: Do not ever, ever – even in times of near starvation – subject yourself or anyone you care about to the KFC in Valdosta, GA. It is the 7th circle of hell. If you are the owner of any food establishment worldwide, please note the following: If the food you serve is unable to swim in the grease you’ve left it to drown in, perhaps buffet style dining isn’t the right choice for you. If all your entrees are indistinguishable from one another because they’re all obscured by the entire pig you’ve thrown on them in the form of bacon, maybe you should consider something other than a buffet. If your doors, walls, tables, and virtually every other surface are coated in dirt thick enough to peel off, it’s better to ask your staff to either clean it properly or not clean it at all so that the diners in your fine establishment won’t be able to trace where the single cleaning swipe left its trail through the thickly accumulated gunk. Finally, if you have to keep the lights dimmed throughout the ‘restaurant’ (I use that term loosely) so that your clientele won’t see the multitude of things that stick to the soles of their shoes, it might be a good time to douse the entire building in bleach and let it steep for 2-3 months.

That said, a good friend of mine, D., is in the industry. Apparently those in-the-know about fast food consider Chick-Fil-A as the most trusted bastion of nutrition on the road (And no, D. doesn’t work for Chick-Fil-A). So when we’re out and about, we look for Chick-Fil-A if I haven’t packed a fresh turkey wrap complete with garden-fresh veggies and home made cookies (which, let’s face it, I just don’t do). 20/20 hindsight, right? If only I’d known that in Valdosta, Georgia.

Head over to Shannon’s place at Rocks in My Dryer to get more helpful tips!


7 thoughts on “WFMW: Eating on the road

  1. There is also some interesting new technology (well, new to me) called Hyperactive Bob – from It uses a camera hooked to a computer to count cars coming into a restaurant to help managers predict how much food to prepare, when to prepare it, etc. This keeps chicken or burgers from sitting too long because they made too much food. The only restaurant that I know of (in the area) using it is Zaxby’s. Hey, you learn something new every day, huh?


  2. When we do our marathon drives to Florida I always try to make it to the Chick-Fil-A at Exit 3 off I-95 in GA just miles before Florida. Clean, good chicken, and a playplace. Phew.


  3. Love Chick-fil-A! When we travel around the south we ONLY stop at Chick-fil-A to eat. I’ve gotten to where I don’t like to travel on Sundays because Chick-fil-A’s are closed (for those that don’t live in the south). I noticed you’re from Suwanne, I know right where that is! Congrats on being picked to be such a great town!

    We travel through Valdosta all time, I’ll be sure not to stop at KFC!

    Georgia Mom

    PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  4. Thanks for the tip. Valdosta wasn’t top of my list of places to visit in the US, but if I do go there I’ll be grateful for reading this post.

    I’m a Rotarian and we recently had a group study exchange member return to Western Australia from Florida. She had a great time, but found the deep-fried southern US diet overwhelming.


  5. I went to Chick-fil-A with seven kids last week (they got a coupon from Vacation Bible School).
    It was an amazing experience! The cashiers ALL said “Yes ma’am, No ma’am”. When my son wanted to change his lemonade for chocolate milk, they said “No problem ma’am”. And one of the employees saw me gathering the trash from the table and came and took it for me!
    I’m definitely lovin’ the Chick-fil-A!

    Mama Says


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