Learning a new language

And it just happens to be the coolest language in the universe! Well, to be honest, it’s not a traditional language. See, I have a new Mac. I’ve always been a PC-kind of girl. Partial to Sonys in fact. Hubby became a traitor switched over to Macs a few months ago and I was resentful for a little while. I mean, how were we going to share files? How could a Mac exist in the house with my precious PC? But then I saw how cool it was. And denial set in.

In spite of the coolness factor, my PC was better. It might not have the functionality. It might not have a built-in camera or quick-release power chord. It might not have super cool slide shows built in and the ability to  run the entire planet from one machine. But it was a PC. And PCs are must more better. they just are. Just because. (Was he the only person in the universe who didn’t understand my rock solid logic?)

And now I’m a traitor too I’ve seen the light.  The graphic rendering and website rendering are out of this world, the ease of use is incredible (to install a program, I just click it and drag it to my Applications folder. done.), Macs are truly the best example of design genius ever created. In fact, they’re so good I think God has a preference for Mac users in his Kingdom. (Okay, stretching it a bit now). But the fact is, I’ve found the most perfect thing ever created. (other than, say, the heavens and the earth – God himself did a pretty good job there.)


4 thoughts on “Learning a new language

  1. I love podcasts – when I have the time and no kids to pay attention to (oh, wait, that never really happens…). E is listening to a church history course from RTS right now – you can get the entire class on podcast!


  2. Did you know the cute younger Mac guy in the Mac vs PC commercials barely knows how to turn a computer on? I have forgotten his name – I know him as the guy from Dodgeball…which says something about my homelife, huh?

    Mmmm, iPhone… I might have to get a 2nd job and get me one of those too, ha ha. Good news is – several companies are working on the integration to Outlook Webmail, so I hear. That (and the price) were the only things making me hesitate. Are you a podcast junkie too? I’m guessing you don’t have a ton of time to sit around and listen to podcasts – but I’m considering loading up on free ones for the drive to work.


  3. Mwahahaha… So, you want to (secretly) come see my very own piece of engineering brilliance? I’ll share. (I played with the iPhone when I was in Florida – I have to find a way to finagle one of those!) I’m such a traitor an enlightened individual.


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